Opinion: What to expect from the new Nike Everton kit

| March 8, 2012 | 7 Comments

As the launch of Liverpool’s Warrior kit draws near (and you can check out the latest rumoured kit here) Everton announced their own news today – courtesy of the Liverpool Echo.


Not the new Everton kit

Everton will ditch Le Coq Sportif after three years and turn to Nike in a three-  year deal. While reports of a £10m bonus for Moyes are reportedly wide of the   mark, Everton fans are excited by the news.

The deal came about through KitBag, Everton’s commercial partner, and its   relationship with both Le Coq Sportif and Nike.

It means Everton will be able to market itself with a respected and well-known kit manufacturer and Everton fans will be hoping it will be more available than previous kits, which were limited to online sales and the two Everton Megastores.

Of course, several other Everton fans will be glad to see the back of Le Coq Sportif. Despite an attractive, simple training kit design and home kits that have often hit the mark, a string of farcical away and goalkeeper kits has embarrassed fans over the past two years.

The term ‘hit and miss’ does not come close.
Hit: the stunningly simple cream third kit of 2010/11. Miss: The horrendously garish pink away kit of the same season, a kit which made a fleeting appearance, suffered plenty of mockery and promptly vanished.

Hit: This season’s subdued but classy home shirt with a touch of yellow and a basic design. Miss: The quite horrific ‘camofluage’ goalkeeper kit widely panned by everybody and sure to appear in ‘worst kit’ list for years to come.

Le Coq Sportif seemed to be seeing what they could get away with by the end, pushing the boundaries of kit design and the patience of Everton fans in equal measures.

So what of Nike?

The early rumours showing a blue kit with black stripes seem premature. The ‘leaked’ image is that of Thai club Chonburi FC, as shown here.

However, looking at current Nike kits is sure to whet the appetite for Everton fans. Think the stunning Dutch number sported in the recent victory over England at Wembley, the iconic Brazilian shirts or the elegant France away kit.

While Le Coq Sportif were wacky and adventurous, Everton fans will want Nike to follow a simple design brief.

Blue. A bit of white. Keep it simple, keep it classy and keep it unique. Then watch it fly off the shelves.

With Warrior Sports expected to do the same for Liverpool, next year’s Merseyside derby could be a very well-dressed affair.

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  1. Marc says:

    Ridiculous ramblings of someone who clearly has no idea of the sports industry…

    • Stephen Hurrell says:

      Hi Marc, very constructive. I would love to know what is ‘ridiculous’ about it. The facts are Le Coq Sportif have produced some laughable kits for Everton over the last couple of years and Everton fans are rightly excited over the Nike kit.

      You could always expand on any points you disagree with…

  2. Mike says:

    Brilliant deal for the club, hopefully attract the football shirt enthusiast to pick up a shirt based on its looks now bringing in more revenue for us! Le coq sportif had some nice shirt and some horrendous shirts and im excited to see what nike dish up for us.. hopefully some class, nice fitting shirts! COYB

  3. Andy Bill says:

    Hopefully the yanks at Nike realise we dont want a tartan shirt like the man utd shirts and its not just a blue version of everyone elses nike shirts. Although the brand is much better and can we expect £40 shirts or and increase to £45??

  4. daniel says:

    i was quite attached to LcS and i think though some of the away strips have been bit too flashy they still took in the EFC heritage and individuality. I expect we can now look forward to gross american copycat athletic designs made by 8yr olds in taiwan.

  5. Some interesting thoughts about the previous LCS kits.

    Like you say if our kits are similar to France, Holland etc… then it will be amazing simply because it has the Nike tick.

  6. ryan says:

    nike is brilliant , lcs is crap end of, i know myself in liverpool the kids wudnt be seen dead in lcs , that went out of fashion in the 80 s i for one will buy nike merch

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