Liverpool fans debate Murdoch-owned Fox documentary

| April 26, 2012 | 4 Comments

Some Liverpool fans have taken to social media networks to register their anger at the club agreeing to be filmed by Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox Soccer for a new documentary.

Liverpool FC will star in the behind-the-scenes documentary, named Our Liverpool: You’ll Never Walk Alone, which the club says will offer ‘unprecedented access’ to the inner workings of the club over six episodes.

Liverpool have labelled the documentary a world first and says it will be seen by 100 million viewers on the US channel when it is aired.

The cameras will arrive at Anfield in May and film for several months at the club, covering the club’s tour of America and the first few games of the 2012.13 season.

“This is going to be a truly remarkable series for every football fan on earth, watching the inner workings of one of the world’s truly great clubs, and seeing things no one outside the inner sanctum has seen or experienced before,” insists FOX Sports Media Group Chairman and CEO David Hill.

However, several Liverpool fans have blasted owners FSG for ‘selling out’ to the Murdoch-owned channel because his News International also owns The S*n newspaper.

Liverpool and Everton fans famously boycott The S*n after the lies printed in the newspaper over the Hillsborough disaster.

@DanRoachLFC said over social networking website Twitter: “Disappointed in FSG tonight, selling out to Fox Sports (links to Rupert Murdoch) for an exclusive documentary is not the Liverpool way.”

Meanwhile, @Sapphire_LFC called for a boycott of the documentary by tweeting: “About this Liverpool documentary. FOX are owned by Murdoch, who owns The Sun.#dontwatchthedoc #dontbuythesun

However, other fans defended the documentary, stating it was ‘ludicrous’ for some to boycott the documentary because of Fox Soccer’s links to Murdoch.

@AbyKopite argued: “Don’t be ludicrous. We cannot completely be unassociated with Murdoch. Do you watch Sky? Do you read the Times?”

The majority of fans agreed, with some stating the boycott of the newspaper was enough and others calling for a focus on more important issues such as the role the police and government played post-Hillsborough.

Meanwhile, Liverpool Managing Director Ian Ayre, stated the documentary was an opportunity to market Liverpool across the world.

He said: “This project creates a fantastic opportunity to allow people across the world to have a glimpse of the inner workings of the club following the lives of our staff, our players and our fans, all of whom make up everything that is Liverpool Football Club.”

The documentary is set to air in August 2012.

Where do you stand in the debate? Is Fox far enough removed from The S*n? Or should all Murdoch media be boycotted?

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  1. Philip says:

    As one post said we can’t totally boycott murdochs empire I never buy the s*n but I watch sky tv like millions of other fans

  2. perry says:

    agree with Philip.

    the majority of these anti-Sun nuts are just hypocrites.

    whine about News. etc yet subscribe to Sky etc.

    i wish all you fools would just give it a rest and STFU.

  3. Ken Hall says:

    Its not so much the Murdoch links that alarm me but the fact that Fox is a rabidly right wing organisation which while describing itself as a news channel is in fact merely a mouthpiece for the republican party in America.

    Ken Hall

  4. King Hell says:

    Murdoch links HAVE to alarm us. They run Fox and the Sun and owned the NOTW. If the Murdochs didn’t know about Hillsborough lies and phone hacking they are incompetent. If they did know they are even more unspeakable than we already know they are. In fact they use their various controlled media to spew out daily attacks on working people, women, trade unions and the poor – and attempt to create divisions amongst those groups.
    And Sky? Incomparable sport and arts coverage – and lots of series pinched from the BBC for which the Beeb built the audience. Well, if you are happy for 40p in every pound to go into the liars’ pockets, keep subscribing.

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