Opinion: Is this monstrosity the new Liverpool third kit?

| June 12, 2012 | 27 Comments

Is this monstrosity the new Liverpool third kit or an internet prank?

The image, showing a garish purple kit complete with white and grey ‘spaghetti’ pattern sleeves, has been doing the rounds on social networking websites in recent days.

However, Liverpool has not confirmed it will be the third Warrior Sports kit and suggestions are it is simply a mocked-up image that has caught the imagination of rival fans because of its sheer hideous-ness.

The kit looks like it has been designed using a standard kit editor, as seen on football management games and other mock-ups made by fans.

The low quality of sponsors Standard Charter and Warrior Sports logos are also a hint this one may be consigned to the ‘nice try’ bucket come the 2012/13 season.

However, for Liverpool fans eagerly awaiting their new third kit for 2012/13, it is an anxious wait to see if their worst fears are to be confirmed…

Do you know the origins of this kit? If so, leave a comment below.

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  1. Danny x says:

    Looks like a fancy Liverpool city council wheelie bin.

  2. crazyred says:

    i bloody hope not its hideous

  3. Wolfe says:

    Put that thing back in the time machine and send it back to 1993! There’s no way players would wear this monstrosity. I mean, would you?

  4. Barrie hale says:

    I have seen a similar pattern on some of the training gear so it’s quite possible. However I do remember that the wheelie bins in Liverpool were purple so it could be someone taking the mick!!!

  5. steve says:

    like the sleeves tbh, think the only player in that will be pepe though

  6. Noblelox says:

    Hardly the last couple of days, it’s been doing the rounds for over a month, it must just be a slow news day for you ;-).

    Now lets get something straight, that picture is not the one with the “spaghetti” sleeves, that is the one with the Māori war tattoo sleeves, THIS is the one with spaghetti…http://mrsport.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/liverpool-third-shirt1.jpg

    • admin says:

      That’s actually quite nice, the colours look a lot more subtle. I’m sure Liverpool fans could live with that!

    • chunky says:

      The “spaghetti” design is quite eye-catching – very smart! I’d go with that if it comes to be true…

  7. stuart says:

    To be honest…I like the colour..upset the flames are not on the crest…but it is 1000% better than that blue piece of toilet paper adidas released last year. I can live with this.

  8. dave herbert says:

    Who cares? Its another £50 for us mug fans to spend what ever it looks like, because that’s why we have a 3rd kit £££££££ for coffers! With the home red, away black, I would guess the 3rd to be yellow/white/green because that’s the colours we have had! But who knows warrior might want to make a bold statement and be different! As long as we win in it, it can be pink with yellow spots! Y..N..W..A

  9. cesar says:

    nah its one taken off redandwhitekop.com/forum that one of the talented photoshop types mocked up

  10. Peter of Perth West Aust says:

    Well I like it, not dissimilar to Perth Glory colours.

  11. BMW says:

    It’s highly unlikely that Warrior would take such a big risk with this disgusting shirt. I expect to see another simple and classy design for our third kit, not some monstrosity that looks like it belongs in the Serie A.

  12. Robert Wilkinson says:

    who in gods name thought that one up,,Sir Alex Ferguson????

  13. Steven says:

    I am sure it’s a prank!!!
    Well… I wish it is! It is an absolute disaster!
    Liverpool meets the “Blue Oyster Bar” (police academy)
    Lol! No offence intended!

  14. jackson says:

    All we want it quality players not jersey

  15. Eric says:

    I saw this first on Empire of the Kop (I think). It looks horrible. Thing is, this was posted on that site together with a “mockup” of the home and away jersey and those two looked an awful lot like what is now for sale on the online shop. So I’m afraid this is probably very close to what the third jersey will look like.

    No blue on it this time though :-)

    • AlexanderKruseBerg says:

      Yeah, I made those long before any of them was revealed. They was made based on the info I got, and I was told by people who have seen all of them, that the home and the third was 90% accurate.

  16. AJ says:

    Come on, seriously?!

    They’ve got the first and second strip totally nailed. Do you really think they’re going to use this for the third?

    I think not.

  17. Siggi says:

    If you would know something about warriors then you would know that the spagetti you call it on the sleves is there signiture loge, its a tattoo.

    Also i know these are the ones, and they look nice.

  18. Eve Talbot says:

    These images are all done from LFC fans who are graphic designers, the one at the top was done from a guy from RAWK and the other one that is posted in the replys was don by a guy on the LFC forums in the Warrior thread and was the first mock up done 6 months ago.

    Both are based on information and rumour that was around at the time, the same people that did the mock ups got the red one spot on but missed the grey on the black one.

    This is probably close to what it will look like but won’t be exact, te tribal design will be a feaure though on the arms

  19. sooks says:

    WTF cant be i can see me real ordering that 1

  20. bob says:

    Does this mean the OOT’s have to have brown ones

  21. johnjo says:

    Look’s like something they wear when Dancing on ice.

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