Liverpool reveals ‘Mighty Red’ mascot

This is Liverpool’s new mascot – a life-size Liver Bird called ‘Mighty Red’ – and he’s been causing a stir online after images were leaked today.

The cartoon-ish character, which is loosely based on the Liver Bird seen on the Liverpool badge, is the latest introduction by the club’s American owners in a summer of changes at Anfield.

While the club has not traditionally had a mascot appearing on match day, ‘Mighty Red’ is not expected to appear pitchside at Anfield, much to the relief of the Reds’ supporters.

Instead, the striking costume will be used in Liverpool’s community work and is designed to appeal to children.

However, the images of the character leaked online have caused several fans to take to social networking websites to register their disappointment with Mighty Red.

One fan stated: “Liverpool announce a club mascot – ‘Mighty Red’. Let the Americanisation of #LFC begin”

However, another more light-hearted comment favourably compared Might Red to Arsenal’s mascot, Gunnersaurus Rex.

The introduction of Mighty Red is not the first time a mascot has been poorly received on Merseyside. In the 1990s Everton tried to introduce the ill-fated ‘Mr Toffee’ (or Dixie as he was known) as well as removing Z Cars from pre-match preparations.

Everton fans never took to ‘Dixie’ and after a single season he was abandoned and not seen at Goodison again.

A more successful mascot appearance was that of Mr Testicles at both Anfield and Goodison. The man-size scrotum (really!) appeared to raise awareness for testicular cancer at the grounds.

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  1. SSR says:

    Why not a mascot! I want my daughter to be attached to a LFC image as she is 2 yrs only. She likes dolls. If you purists don’t like it , fine. I don’t watch my football with know it all farts. I watch as many games with my mates as i have do with my daughter in my lap. So, I want my daughter to love my club too. So, I applaud the decision. Don’t like it. Don’t want to hear it. Don’t read bedtime stories to your kids then. I love my club. I want this!I am a real person , not a coward , hiding behind a twitter identity.

    • Dave says:

      Well said. I would like this for my grandchildren they have the baby kits and this would be a nice add on. Y. N. W.A

  2. MissMelons says:

    I’d appreciate raising our awareness on breast cancer.

  3. J75J says:

    It looks a fish!

  4. Jacqui says:

    I was at the launch party for Mighty Red and he went down brilliantly with the kids who are the intended targets for this mascot. They ran like mad to get their goodie bags off him, they danced around him and queued up to have their pictures taken. They loved him!
    This isn’t for all you Bah Humbug 50-something fans. This is to get the next generation of kids interested in LFC. And if this helps the young fans feel like supporting their Club is fun, then why not? Can’t be a bad thing.

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