Opinion: More commercial woe over Everton’s delayed home kit

| July 4, 2012 | 10 Comments

Could this be the reason for the delay?

This summer Everton have had to take plenty of flak for not releasing infant or women’s away shirts because of a lack of demand.

Despite protests from some, it makes commercial sense as the club would potentially be left with a damaging amount of stock on their hands due to Nike’s minimum ordering scheme.

However, this begs the question – why has the club left it so late to release the new Everton home kit?

The wait is perplexing – Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool kits can all be seen in neat rows in sports shops throughout Merseyside, but no information has come out of Goodison on the potential new 2012/13 home kit.

While images have been leaked online and in a promo video for the new Everton away kit, the launch date seems no nearer and those fans – particularly women and those buying for young children – find their money sitting safely (or in the case of NatWest, unsafely) in their banks.

Holidays are coming and going and even signings are arriving at Goodison and ludicrously, it is still not possibly to buy a home Everton kit.

Could the reason for the delay be last-minute changes to the kit? A new leaked image (above) shows the thick white bands along the sleeves has been removed, seemingly in contrast to the kit leaked in the official club video during the launch of the away kit.

If so, it explains the delay.

However, it simply does not excuse more commercial woe for Everton, whose fans wait eagerly with money-in-hand to put some funds into the club.

And it’s not just us frustrated, here’s what Twitter users have to say about the new kit in a live feed:

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  1. Gary says:

    Clearly a fake…..look at the label on the collar…..away kit has a proper label….and Nike put their tags on the neck label…not on the sleeve

  2. Sy says:

    Commercial genius if you ask me, the majority ive heard from did not like the white bands and i for one had no plans to buy the home one given the quality of the other 2 kits. If its asjusted like this then its back on the shopping list and many other peoples too i suspect.

    • Jay says:

      “Genius” though, really?

      • Sy says:

        Why is everyone on the internet so snippy? Don’t get your knickers in a twist pal, it’s my opinion. Yes, “genius”, assuming it has been held back, the club have actually taken notice of a potential marketting flop and have reacted to it. In fact I think even the players (Distin) were saying they werent keen, a very clever move if true.

  3. efcmark777 says:

    Stephrn, how do you reach the judgement that “it makes commercial sense” not to order the superb new away kit for women, infants and larger sizes ? You indicate that this approach avoids unsold stock costing the club money. Where is your evidence that shelf loads of unsold stock in these product areas exists at EFC ? There is however plenty of evidence from fans trying to buy 4xl sizes year after year that these items sell fastest and almost NEVER feature in end of season fire sales. Over the years I can personally vouch for the fact that when Everton have produced 4xl shirts they are always fast and reliable sellers. Staff in the shops and online will tell you that not having 4xl sizes is an utter nonsense and in effect bans several thousand or ore fans from EVER having Nike made EFC shirts. It’s a total disgrace and a shameful lack of understanding by the club and Nike

    • admin says:

      For the club it does, they’d need to order far more than they’d sell and would lose a lot of mony on it. Nike have a minimum order policy in the several thousands.

    • A Fatty says:

      Just to butt in, they do have 4XL shirts, the Nike size is bigger, I had to have a XXXL LCS shirt last year but last week I bought a Nike XXL shirt that fits perfectly.

  4. PabloBrown says:

    My son is turning 3,a shirt for his size will now cost more than the whole kit last season. Now if we were getting a nicer kit,like what Adidas do,then it wouldn’t bother me so much,but the Shirt in the leaked photo looks no better than previous years.

  5. Rotterdam85 says:

    I noticed this week that the fake shirts are already available in Turkey

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