Glen Johnson’s car spotted in Liverpool – and we hate it

| August 24, 2012 | 3 Comments


Liverpool and England right back Glen Johnson is able to afford pretty much any car he wants. So why does he drive this Bentley?

The guys over at (Disclaimer: I edit the site) have posted this article about Glen Johnson’s Bentley Continental GT spotted in Liverpool on his birthday.

But it’s an awful car from a brand awash with cliches. Plenty of other footballers drive one, just check out the article to see the list.

The fact is Bentley is a car maker which is struggling for identity. Yes, its cars are luxurious and often incredibly quick, but in terms of design they’re overstated, untidy and full of inherent laziness.

Somehow, Bentley cars manage to be garish and dull at the same time – seemingly flouting the laws of grammar as well as taste at every opportunity.

Packed full of leather and gadgets, they’re cars for people who want to be seen as all costs but the big, bulky grille at the front, curved lines that rise and fall in an indecisive burble of smugness and insipid pastel colours are only saved by the badge on the front and all it implies.

Never mind the endless and confusing model range, with letters scattered throughout a bloated Continental range to the point they all merge into one endless, bland ball of, admittedly, ultra-luxury.

Bentley’s are known as footballers cars. Imagine Ashley Cole in a baby blue effort and it just seems to fit. And that is why Johnson should look elsewhere. Just take a look at what imaginative footballers can pull off in this (older) collection of Liverpool players’ cars.

If I had the talent of Mr Johnson  and if a non-too-promising career had not so much stalled as full-on broken down at Sunday league level, I’d go with the best luxury car on the market, the Jaguar XJ. Or, if I fancied a bit more speed, the Audi R8.

Footballers, sort it out.

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  1. Doofy says:

    Looks like a smooth ride to me.

  2. J75J says:

    Audi or a Jag over a Bentley?Really? A terrible picture why have you squashed it in?

    • admin says:

      Absolutely a Jaguar over a Bentley. The XJ is incredible in terms of luxury, equipment, engines and design. It’s won a host of ‘Best luxury car’ awards ahead of the Bentley, so I’m not alone in thinking this.

      The image hasn’t been altered in any way. Maybe the Bentley just looks a little squashed anyway?

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