Liverpool FC has launched the most cringeworthy website in history

Set your cringe to full – Liverpool FC has created a new website that tries to be Buzzfeed and fails spectacularly.

The Liverpool Xtra website is affiliated with the main Liverpool website but includes the ‘listicles’ type of posts that have made Buzzfeed one of the world’s biggest websites.


The new Liverpool effort includes reason why your cat should support Liverpool, drawings of Liverpool players by children (criticised by an art critic), how to dress like a Liverpool player and a slideshow featuring criticism of the site’s design.

These critical posts include posters stating their ‘eyes are bleeding’ and stating the website is ‘catering to the lowest common denominator’. But you can almost picture the scene. A team of marketing ‘gurus’ around a table, shouting out ideas such as ‘cats’, ‘going viral’, ‘edgy’ and ‘Buzzfeed’ until the club’s web design team vomit up this hilarious piece of internet history.

Liverpool’s response? It posted this image with the message all of the commenters have now been blocked after their IP address was tracked.



You can see the site in all its horror here:

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  • j75j

    Football Editorial I think you are taking it all a little bit to seriously!!!!