About us

Welcome to FootballEditorial.com

FootballEditorial.com is the first online magazine dedicated to football in Merseyside and the wider area. A team of journalists working in local and national media provides news, features, reports and editorials from Merseyside teams from the Premiership right down to the amateur leagues.

We also cover football in the community, women’s football, individual football stories and anything else with a (tenuous or otherwise) link to the Merseyside area.

Our eclectic mix of articles are designed to provide a snapshot of the game in one of the world’s most passionate and successful football hot spots.

About FootballEditorial.com

 In 2011, frustrated with the lack of coverage local football received even in print and online media at a hyperlocal level, we decided to launch the website as a standalone online magazine focusing on all aspects of football in Liverpool.

This was done to spend some free time getting involved in local football and write articles about local teams give them the coverage they need.

The FootballEditorial.com team

Stephen Hurrell

Stephen is the editor of the site, but guest writers and football freelancers also help out where needed. Stephen is a journalist with three years experience writing for local and national print and online media.

His articles have appeared in the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, London Evening Standard, Metro and a number of regional newspapers. He originally created the site as an online portfolio for his local football articles.

He is currently Assistant Editor of an automotive news agency in Liverpool, and runs FootballEditorial.com in his spare time.

Peter Hurrell

Peter is a freelance science writer whose work has appeared in numerous top science publications including BBC Focus magazine. He writes the Science of Football section of the website, looking at some of the wider issues linking science with the local game.

Dave Smithson

Local journalist Dave Smithson is a regular contributor covering everything from news to thought provoking blogs and insightful interviews.

Jim Davies

Jim Davies, the journalist behind the Liverpool Echo’s Corinthian column, covers everything in the local non league game in our very own amateur section.

Matthew Martin

Video expert Matthew Martin is our Bootle correspondent, but he can be seen around the grounds during the season creating slick and professional highlight packages for local sides. He also writes semi-regular  news and opinion columns.

Can I write for FootballEditorial.com?

Sure. We don’t take any profit from the site, so all articles are voluntary, but if you have something to submit, feel free to drop us an email on editor@footballeditorial.com

All articles are professionally subbed and attributed. We have happy to give references for regular writers.

Can you cover our team?


If you’re a team from Liverpool or the surrounding area at any level, we’d be delighted to come down and give you a write up on the site. We also take our own high-quality images and video footage for use on the site.