Nov 182014

Liverpool could cut back on their planned expansion of Anfield over fears the 55,000 capacity once phase one is complete will not sell out if the club misses out on Champions League football.

The club believes the expansion of the Main Stand, which features extended corporate facilities, is the most important aspect of the Anfield redevelopment and it will wait to extend the Anfield Road stand  because it is unsure if it will sell out with the expanded capacity.


With building work close to beginning on the Main Stand that will take the Anfield capacity to 55,000, thoughts will soon start to turn to the expansion of the Anfield Road end, but the building of this stand is by no means 100% certain.

The owners will look to see whether there are compelling financial benefits to carrying out this build. The second phase of work is not dependant on the club remaining in the Champions League every season, but on whether or not the club sells out a 55,000 stadium once the Main Stand is completed.




The move would make financial sense for the club, which is also reportedly considering moving the tunnel to the halfway line and will ask the Premier League to play the first game of the 2015/16 season away from home to allow work to be completed.

What do you think? Is this prudent planning by Liverpool or a lack of ambition? Have your say in the comments below.

Nov 142014

To celebrate Wayne Rooney’s 100th England cap, the BBC is running a poll on its website allowing you to decide who is England’s greatest ever goalscorer.

With the likes of Wayne Rooney, Sir Bobby Charlton, Gary Lineker, Nat Lofthouse, Alan Shearer and Michael Owen on the list, as well as an ‘other’ button, there’s plenty of choice for the nation’s fans to pick their country’s best ever goalscorer.

What the BBC have failed to realise is that there is actually a rather accurate way of deciding England’s greatest ever goalscorer – the number of goals they have scored for England.

Which is why it is particularly surprising to see David Beckham on the list of eight players. Beckham, who is rightly regarded as one of the nation’s greatest ever players and captains. However, he is also the nation’s 27th highest goalscorer, behind Peter Crouch, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Jermaine Defoe, David Platt, Geoff Hurst, Tom Finney, Bryan Robson… you get the idea.

As the media clamour to find new angles on Rooney’s first England cap reaches fever pitch, it seems the argument around who is the country’s greatest goalscorer is being based on more than just goals.

Meanwhile, here is a list of players who gave scored more goals for England than David Beckham.

Bobby Charlton 49
Gary Lineker 48
Jimmy Greaves 44
Wayne Rooney 43
Michael Owen 40
Tom Finney 30
Nat Lofthouse 30
Alan Shearer 30
Vivian Woodward 29
Frank Lampard 29
Steve Bloomer 28
David Platt 27
Bryan Robson 26
Geoff Hurst 24
Stan Mortensen 23
Tommy Lawton 22
Peter Crouch 22
Mick Channon 21
Kevin Keegan 21
Steven Gerrard 21
Martin Peters 20
Jermain Defoe 19
Dixie Dean 18
George Camsell 18
Johnny Haynes 18
Roger Hunt 18

Nov 042014

A fan campaign to have Newcastle manager Alan Pardew sacked has bizarrely claimed the club’s upturn in fortune is down to it hounding the club., a site set up to expose the ‘myths’ around the league’s most deluded manager, says victories against league heavyweights Spurs, Manchester City (in the League Cup) and Liverpool is because it inspired Pardew to change his tactics.


Does that mean that the campaign is over and Newcastle fans and the ‘Cockney mafia’ can look forward to a new era of prosperity with the club finally in harmony?

“So quite why a couple of wins should be expected to change anybody’s mind on him is puzzling to me. We have been here before. Last Autumn, Newcastle went on a run of 7 wins in 9 games, including wins against Chelsea, Spurs and Manchester United. It never shook my belief that he was not the man to deliver the Newcastle United that the squad says it should be. As soon as that run came to an end, the fall began, as it always begins. Pardew’s record throughout his career is consistent – modest peaks and devastating troughs.” –


Incidentally, a has also now been set up. But all it does is direct right back to Sorry Alan.

Nov 032014

Then we have Lazar Marković. I mean £20m?! Where the hell did that valuation come from? “He needs time…” We’re told. Excuse my French but Fuck time! If you want to buy players that need time, you don’t spend that amount of wedge on them.

 Empire of the Kop editorial


Brendan Rodgers has not found things easy this season. Missing Luis Suarez and the injured Daniel Sturridge, and with a misfiring but entertaining Italian failing to fill their boots, the club is suffering an alarming dip in form.

Is Rodger’s spending to blame? This article from Empire of the Kop, a Liverpool fan site certainly thinks so. As do a few people who seem to have lost the plot on Twitter.



But does he need to spend more?

Is Brendan Rodgers a fraud? Have your say below.

Oct 282014

The humble corner kick. The role handed to the player who can deliver the ball into the area most effectively and hopefully create some panic in the box.

Except, most corners in the Premier League are pretty awful. With Manchester United, Arsenal, Everton, Spurs and Liverpool fans all lining up on social media to bemoan the corner taking ability of their major stars.

At least fans will take some comfort in the fact everybody now seems to be unable to actually take a corner.

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